Round the Island Trip

Saturday morning i woke up and i received a letter to collect a parcel at the Parcel Post Office in Port Louis. I took my bike and at 9h30 am i left to collect the parcel. At 10h30 i already had the parcel and it looked too early to return back home… why not for a ride to the west? I started on from La Tour Koenig and off i was to a trip round the island (over 280km!!) Trip details below:

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200km Trip on Motorcycle – Haojue 125

Well, I should have probably mentioned earlier but anyway, i had recently bought a 125cc Haojue Motorcycle, still one month old, and i’ve been riding round the island to complete the running-in period. Strange thing that the user manual says 500km run-in but the place where i bought it (dewan motors) says that run-in period is 2000km!!! I ride mostly in weekends and today i covered round 200km on the bike. This map below shows the route i’ve taken for a 4 hours’ ride!

Unfortunately some areas of the google map where not well defined by the satellite imagery, but anyway, i’ll be defining them more clearly further below…

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Hello world!


My friends call me fl-Ash and this is actually a blog that i decided to create mainly for trips round my island where i live, Mauritius, and also about reviews of anything that i want to review. If you have any request for stuffs that exist here in Mauritius, feel free to ask about it and i’ll do what i can to provide you with more information about it.

Have fun!
fl-Ash 😉

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